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XU Magazine Issue 15 - Changing the Game

In the latest edition of XU Magazine, issue number 15, LimeCloud founder and Director, Paula Byers, has a feature on the benefits to businesses of using a Xero App Stack entitled 'Changing the Game'.Read more

XU Magazine article - Who needs a cloud integrator?

LimeCloud founder and Director,  Paula Byers, has written a feature for the latest edition of XU Magazine, issue number 14. If you've not come across it before, XU Magazine is the independent magazRead more

A better internet starts with you!

| by Paula Byers So, I have to confess this is a little bit of a soap box of mine.  I have long believed that responsible use of the internet (and by that token Social Media is a large part of it)Read more

Estelle makes a trip to Xero HQ New Zealand

I don’t imagine there are many Xero fans in the UK who have been lucky enough to look around Xero One in Wellington, New Zealand.  But the last working day before Christmas, I stepped through theRead more

Wishing you all Merry Christmas . . .

the OscarBlog | Although you won’t be receiving a card from them this year, the hoopeeps (and furpal . . . that’s me!) at LimeCloud wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy & Healthy New YeRead more

XU Magazine article - Xero Projects

LimeCloud founder and Director,  Paula Byers, features in the most recent edition of XU Magazine, issue number 13. If you've not come across it before, XU Magazine is the independent magazine runRead more

What is Your App Stack

by Paula Byers |  “My What?!” I hear you ask, let me explain . . . Technology, it seems, comes up with an ever-increasing list of jargon that seems to be set to confuse or intimidate, but this,Read more

Christmas For Good

by Estelle Sherlock |  Christmas is a season for giving, well it has been in recent times anyway (Coca Cola has a lot to answer for with their jolly man dressed in red and weighed down withRead more

People first . . . tech second

the OscarBlog | If you read the footnote of my last blog, then you will know that I wasn’t allowed to go to Xerocon – apparently Excel London have some weird rule about dogs not being allowed atRead more

Xerocon London 2017 – It’s a wrap!

by Estelle Sherlock |  Last week Paula, Phil and I were fortunate enough to attend the accountancy conference of the year – Xerocon, it’s no ordinary business conference.  In fact it has beenRead more

Why Xerocon?

the OscarBlog | Ok, so next month is the event of the year for me, yes, I am going to my first big BTPosse tweetup! Yes, yes I have been to a couple of small ones over the summer, but this will beRead more

Breaking down the barriers of data silos

by Estelle Sherlock |  In business, a silo is a process, a system or even a whole department, that operates in isolation from others.  More specifically, a data silo is a cache or bundle of dataRead more
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