Meet Estelle

I was born in New Zealand, where I was nurtured and where I flourished. This is also true for Xero, the beautiful accounting software.

Always at home in stunning landscapes and glorious seascapes, I am lucky to find myself living within the North Devon UNESCO biosphere reserve, this and other similar sites around the word exist to inspire a positive future by connecting people and nature.

Mind and body wellbeing is a personal motivator, running and exercise are important to me, along with the gastronomic refuelling opportunities afterwards.  Maintaining the balance is key . . . but cake tastes so good!  Having completed three full marathons (the London, Edinburgh and Dublin hat-trick), I can truly say that endurance running is just as much about mindset as physical fitness.

For several years, I led a women’s running group. This encouraged many women to take up the sport through beginners groups, but also allowed women of all ages, shapes and abilities to increase their fitness, confidence and self-worth by taking part in regular group exercise in the great outdoors. Coffee shops and cakes seem to regularly factor in there, somehow, as well.


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