Meet Oscardog

Compact but fully formed, Oscar is officially our Office Therapist.  We even briefly considered naming the company after him.  However, we discovered that picking up the phone and saying ‘Oscar’ constantly led to enthusiasm from Oscar that could be distracting!

We get to do all the fun stuff with him.  He keeps us sane (sometimes) and is a pivotal part of the company as Office Therapist. We wouldn’t be without him, after all, life is merrier with a Border Terrier! 

It is said that most dogs have owners, but Border Terriers have staff.  Oscardog is no exception and even has his own typist for his twitter account.  He has a growing following from all over the world, being part of the #officedog & #BTPosse twitter communities.  He usually gets the most engagement on twitter out of all of us too – his BT pals are an active bunch!

For a look at the cool and fun side of tech, follow him @LimeOscar, although we warn you there may be some doggy stuff in there too and he can be quite irreverent sometimes.


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