I feel the need . . . the need for speed!

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Ok, 80’s movie references aside (what can I say, there’s been a lot of re-runs on TV lately), have you noticed how much everyone rushes around these days?

I have. More people than ever are running their own business and working harder than ever. Whoever said working for yourself was easier?  I don’t know any business owners that work a standard 9 – 5pm.  And most people don’t go into business to spend hours on admin time, they want to be doing what they love, what it was that made them want to start the business in the first place.

Tech smarts

If you are running your own business, then you need to be smart about it and part of that is making the tech work for you.  Cloud technologies allow for more smarter working than ever, with automation and machine learning saving time and reducing errors.   

Integration is the key, gone are the days of duplicate data entry.  With Xero and its Ecosystem of connected Apps, you can build a business management system that covers your end to end business processes based on single point data entry.   Workflow automation is fast becoming commonplace and this enables you to understand your work patterns whilst prescribing tasks that happen automatically given a particular set of circumstances or requirements.

Sound complicated?  It needn’t be if you get the experts to configure it for you and deliver bespoke training so that you and your staff can hit the ground running once it goes live.  Given the long terms saving potential, the investment will be worth it.

By using the advances in tech like automation and machine learning you can gain back that extra hour or three a week that you can fill with other things, whether that be time to work on a different area of the business, spending more time with friends or family, or just finding a little more ‘you’ time to recharge your batteries.

Leave the zooming to the experts

Whilst I love zoomin’ around playing fetch with my favourite ball*, all this zoomin’ for humans isn’t good news.  It’s best left to us dogs!  So, take it easy out there folks and let the tech take the strain. Do get in touch if you'd like to chat.

Until next time – unless I see you in the park first, in which case, throw my ball would you . . .
*Chuckit! Ultra Ball if you’re asking, as it’s the only one that withstands my teeth!


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