Of Lions and Kiwis

Sheep in the New Zealand landscape

by Estelle Sherlock | 

With the British and Irish Lions nearing the first test in their ferocious tour of New Zealand, I have found myself reviewing the past month in my new role as ops manager at LimeCloud.  

So, what have the Lions tour and a fledgeling cloud integration company got in common? Early in 2016, just about when the English team were winning the Six Nations grand slam, the seed for LimeCloud was germinating.  Born from its founder’s passion for all things tech and a need to provide a service to Clients who were demanding her expertise in scoping, implementing and supporting cloud-based systems for SMEs.

Joining the team

Almost 18 months later, Paula invited me to clamber aboard and join her bijou team here at LimeCloud; small in size, it has to be said, but not in entrepreneurial vision.  

It wasn’t long before I was introduced to beautiful accounting software Xero – a cloud-based business tool that has been a pioneer in the industry.  I was delighted to learn that Xero was created and nurtured in the most inspiring environment of all, New Zealand, just like me! Although, somehow, 18 years have passed since I last lived there for any significant length of time… does that mean I can no longer call myself a kiwi… are there rules on this kind of thing?

New Zealand was given a beautiful name by its Maori people – Aotearoa, in English, the Long White Cloud, or, as it is often referred to, the Land of the Long White Cloud.  So, I hopped (I may be mature of years, but can still hop you know) from one cloud to another, a stunning and beautiful white one, to a geeky and fresh lime one.

Sheep in common

Everyone knows that New Zealand is infamous for its sheep population, in 1982, during the lamb boomer years, there were 22 sheep per person, although this has since declined and the statistics are more in the region of 6 sheep per person, due to immigration and an increase in dairy farming.  I have heard a rumour that the home of LimeCloud, in North Devon, has the title of “most sheep per hectare per capita in Europe”. It seems white fluffy objects feature highly in my life, in all their guises. 

Looking back at my use of wording here, I note the liberal use of the word beautiful, this isn’t simply because I find everything beautiful, it’s because deep down I am really still a kiwi, after all, all kiwis overuse the word beautiful, eh?

So, Cloud applications bring software agility, with true integration, real-time shared data and fully portable on any device. You are very welcome to make contact to find out how we can benefit your business, we are fully bilingual and can speak English as well as Kiwi.

Go the All Blacks. Can I say that in present company? Of course, after all, I am still a Kiwi at heart.


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