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Hi Pals, I have exciting news!  I have been given a promotion to Chief Fundraising Officer for LimeCloud!

For those who don’t know me my name is Oscar and I am Office Therapist here LimeCloud but I have been given the promotion, as they have entered a team in the Superhero Tri Superhero Tri at Dorney Lake, Windsor on 19 August 2017. This is a disabled Triathlon team event, with Paula doing the 20k cycle, Estelle doing the 5k run and our last-minute star, Helen who has stepped up to do the 750m open water swim.

Why are we doing it?

I know, mad-cap or what, eh?  But it is all for a good cause.  Dogs become part of the family, right? Well, for disabled people they are even more important, often becoming a lifeline & it is not just the assistance dogs who are the heroes.  As I am a Border Terrier, they are taking part for Border Terrier Welfare, a small charity run by volunteers who do impawtant work by re-homing furpals less fortunate than myself and covering vet bills for those in real need. Well, I told them they had to, otherwise I wouldn’t take the promotion unpaid!  Pfftt!

Border Terrier Welfare logo

Later this month they will be heading off to Windsor, to the posh surroundings of the 2012 Olympic rowing venue, Eton Dorney, to strut their stuff.  Now, I can’t confirm or deny, but there may be capes involved and there might even be pants worn over a wetsuit!  They are not totally unprepared mind you; Estelle & Paula have been in secret training in the hope of filling their swimmer spot, & Helen is cramming it all in these last few weeks.  But I am not so sure the aim is to be competitive, I think they will consider it a ‘win’ if they can all get over the finish line in one piece, still with a smile on their faces!

Spare a few pennies (or pounds!)

So, if you are able to help out to support them your donation, large or small, will be hugely appreciated as encouragement for them as they slog (oops!) speed round the course and will help some desperate furpals of mine who need it most.  So, to support the SuperLimes, please donate at JustGiving SuperLimesTri

I will love you forever and, may even show you a high five paw to say a big thank you!

Your pal,
Oscar 🐾

Office Therapist & now Chief Fundraising Officer
Follow me on twitter @LimeOscar


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