Why Xerocon?

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Ok, so next month is the event of the year for me, yes, I am going to my first big BTPosse tweetup! Yes, yes I have been to a couple of small ones over the summer, but this will be my first big one and I am so excited! The #BTPosse is a twitter community for border terriers and friends managed by the lovely Sir Clapton Terrier and there are meet ups around the country.  

Wait, what . . . you thought I was going to say Xerocon was the event of the year?  Well, ok maybe for the humans who work at LimeCloud, it's what they seem to be getting all in a spin about.  For the uninitiated, Xerocon is the annual conference for Xero who make the beautiful cloud accounting software and there will be exhibitors from many of the Apps that integrate with it there too.  Oh, and just a few accountants, well quite a few actually as it is a sell-out, who knew accountancy was so popular!  They say that for an accounting conference, Xero throw a good rock concert!

Why network at all?

What is the point you say?  Too much expense you say?  Well, I guess you could take the short view that it is time out of your busy schedule and incurs cost, however reaping the benefits of meeting your peers and learning at a conference can pay dividends in the longer term.  Keeping up to date with the latest developments is really important and the peeps here at LimeCloud recognise that and allow me to go visit my BTPosse pals to get the lowdown on what’s occurring. 

Maybe it’s to visit or catch up on the news of a sick furpal, who needs a bit of support, the BTPosse are a real friendly bunch and look out for each other.  That’s how it should be in business, networking at the right events helps like-minded people gather together, so that they can share ideas and support one another to grow and build better businesses.  Or whether it is to find out about me pals who have new business happenings, like Rolo, a literary fur who released his second book this month (he has typist staff, of course).  I can recommend his books to any furpals out there who need help training their humans.

How to make the most of it?

When going to any event you should have a plan.  Wondering about aimlessly will mean you may enjoy yourself, but will you get the most out of attending?  If you are going to give up your valuable time, then sniffing out the best people to catch up with at the event is crucial.  Before my tweetup I have made time to connect on twitter with those I am meeting with, I have done a bit of research on them, to make sure I know what they have been up to recently.  Like me pal Sir Jack Spratticus, who recently won a competition and will be heading up to London later next month to collect his prize, having also passed his first three levels on his way to becoming a Canine Generated Independence dog . . . what a star!

So, anyway, my point is be prepared.

Then when you get there stick to your plan and make sure you see or connect with everyone on your list (or make an appointment for a longer catch up after the event).  But still allow yourself some flexibility, expect the unexpected and if something new catches your eye or fires the imagination, then make sure you have time to explore that too.

Be open, that’s my next tip. 

Me, I always go with the flow and am never afraid to follow a new path if I catch a fresh scent.  What’s that mum?  Oh yes, sometimes it takes a while to get my attention I get so caught up in it . . . ooops!  So, umm yeah, don’t get too distracted either!

Where was I?  Oh yes.  Follow up.

After the event it is important to stay in touch with those you have made contact with and ensure that you develop the relationship, whatever that may be.  I try to stay in touch with the new furpals I make, clearly distance can be a problem, but thanks to the lovely cloud and tech, we can keep in touch through social media.  Result!  And if you can arrange to meet up with them again one day, so much the better, you will have more to talk about.

Hopefully with these three top tips, you will get the most out of attending and suddenly the money spent and the time away from the day job pales into insignificance to the benefit you get when you return enthused with lots of new ideas.

Xerocon not for you?

So, maybe not everyone will get to attend Xerocon, I myself am not allowed in, so the Xero peeps say (although I am sure if they met me in person they would make an exception!).  As compensation they did very kindly send me a parcel of Xero swag containing my favourite balls (yes, the Chuckit Ultra) and a very smart Xero branded lead and some cool stickers for my tech gizmos.  I will look like the coolest tech BT when I am next out with the BTPosse!

Obviously for LimeCloud it is a key event for them to meet with many of the Apps from the Xero Ecosystem that they work with to build cloud business management systems for their Clients.  And to find the exciting new ones.  Most essentially, it is great for them to hear all the amazing update news from Xero to share with their Clients, (so they don’t have to go!) and network with some amazing people.  I did hear that Paula Byers is going to meet some Englishman who lives in Australia, who has come back for this event under a bridge in a wetsuit . . . but I am sure I heard wrong!  Maybe she will tell you all about it.

A cautionary 'tail'!

Whatever the event you are going to, I suggest that you really make the most of it, you never know what you might learn, or who you might meet.  However, a word of caution, if I may . . . sniffing bums and licking faces, whilst perfectly acceptable in my world, maybe frowned upon by humans, so possibly best left to us dogs.


As I am banned from attending Xerocon myself, I am having a staycation with my human ‘granny’ who will be taking me for lots of walks and playing with those balls my lovely new pals at Xero sent me.

Therefore as I won’t be able to tweet from Xerocon, so I am delegating my role (another tip for you, delegation is the key my friends, unless it comes to food consumption!). 

So my account will be taken over by the lovely Miss Sybil of #sybilontour fame who is also raising awareness as #hounds4huntingtons.  She will be gathering intel by tweeting pics with as many Apps as possible so that we can remember all the faces of the people met at Xerocon when the dust settles and everyone is home.  Oh, and raising a little awareness for Huntingtons Disease too, so that can’t be bad.  I am sure they will make her welcome, as there is no risk of her causing mayhem (or is there?!).


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