LimeCloud are Xero Trusted App Integrators

We're really excited to announce that LimeCloud have become trusted App Integrators with Xero.  That means we can help you find the best Apps for your business.

Apps support growth

Connecting Apps to your Xero can help your organisation to grow faster than Xero alone.  Xero's research shows that businesses using connected Apps with their Xero grow an average of 30% faster than those who have no Apps connected.  This is good news for those who want to supercharge their business, or for those who just want to work more efficiently.  Ensuring you have the right Apps connected is key to adding to your productivity.

What about Accountants & Bookkeepers?

Xero's research also shows that Accountants & Bookkeepers who can advise their Clients on Apps will grow revenues by an astonishing 60%, with 56% outsourcing their implementation to a cloud integrator such as LimeCloud.

Why is LimeCloud part of this program?

When we were first approached by Xero to join the program, we were really excited for the potential of a program such as this.  Having first started using Xero in 2013, Founder & Director Paula Byers could immediately see the potential for Xero to become the platform it is today, "Whilst the features of Xero allow control of the financial aspects of a business anytime and anywhere, we believe the true power of Xero lies in the Ecosystem of Apps that connect to it to cover every aspect of managing business effectively, with single point data entry, thus increasing productivity."

We are really proud to be invited by Xero to be one of 5 companies to join the App Integrator program and excited to continue offering our services to end-user Clients, Accountants and Bookkeepers alike.  We look forward to working more closely with Xero to deliver cloud integration services.

App Integrator Program Briefing

Last month we attended an App Integrator Program Briefing, led by Andy Muir of Xero which was held at their UK Head Office in Milton Keynes.  This was an opportunity to (re)connect with over 50 of Xero's App Partners with a presentation to them on LimeCloud, continuing with conversations after the Briefing over pizza and beer (Xero really know how to do networking!).  The interest generated in this program was was palpable, with great conversations on what makes a great integration work for businesses. 

Want to know more?

If you want help for your business, or you are an Accountant of Bookkeeper who would like to talk about App Advisory for your Clients, then please get in touch - we'd love to hear from you!

Or you can visit our Xero page for an intro video and visit our Apps page to find out more about how Apps can help you power your business growth to the next level.


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