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Setting up software for your business is time consuming requires patience and experience to get it right.

Whether you are looking at your first system, or looking to upgrade your existing software; ensuring that your new system is set up well will ensure that you get the best out of it for many years to come. A well-crafted setup means your system will be able to grow and expand with you, ensuring that it does not become redundant or wasted investment

Walking through it with you, step-by-step

We spend time understanding what you want to get out of your software to ensure that your new business management tools are integrated. All with efficiency, reliability and security built in as they are in the cloud.

User access can be limited to the areas relevant to their role, or ‘access all areas’ for those who need to be in control of everything. For those who only need an overview, some Apps even provide ‘look but don’t touch’ access, enabling reports providing key performance indicator data, but without the ability to post in error.

​ Managing the change with you

With many years of experience in business systems, LimeCloud has a wealth of knowledge on a variety of systems, giving you confidence to convert to the cloud. No-one likes change, it puts us out of our comfort zone; but with our assistance, your business can make the transition as painlessly as possible.

We also provide training for key staff in the areas relevant to them, or full training for system administrators, on a custom basis to assist you to get up and running quickly. 

Custom integration

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