Cloud accounting: the core of your software & your business

Your cloud accounting software sits at the centre of all your integrated tech. Make sure you control your finances (not the other way round).

LimeCloud is proud to be a Silver Partner & trusted App Integrator for Xero online accounting software.

An introduction to Xero

Where are you right now?

We can help you with your Xero journey.  If you don't have a Xero subscription already, we can often help with on-boarding discounts, so check with us before you purchase your subscription direct.  Often your Xero setup will be affected by the other Apps you connect to it, so the earlier you can speak with us, the better we can support you.

Just need basic bookkeeping function?

This is the new way. Xero and the other cloud accounting software solutions open up a whole new world of working and managing your finances. It's secure, it's protected and backed up, you can access it safely anywhere, and it integrates with the best in industry tech.

Want to switch from another software?

Choosing an accounting software may not have been your decision, or your business needs have grown and changed over time. If you're ready to make the switch – or even if you don't like the one you have but know you need a change – talk to us about conversion. We'll make it seamless.

Just getting started?

You're using the cloud accounting software you want, but you know there's more you could be getting from it. Learning what it's capable of is the first step to moving your business into a more efficient place.

Want to take it to a new level?

You're familiar with the cloud accounting software capabilities, but it's time to step it up a level. Advancing your skills or connecting additional Apps will directly drive business results and profitability.

Advanced training

Custom crafted training


What is the Xero App Integrator Program?

LimeCloud is really proud to have been selected to be a
trusted Xero App Integrator.

If you want to know more, then have a read of our blog
on the launch of the program by clicking below:


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